Thursday, September 14, 2017

I always loved the Lemoyne star block! And we just got some new stamps for it! So I couldn't wait to try them! They arre on the website under Notions and then Stamps

 So I tried the 1" ones. You put the stamp on a clear acrylic block stamp. Then using fabric ink, you can stamp the wrong side of your fabric. Because they are clear, it is easy to fussy cut!

 When you are done, you just wash them with water and soap and let them dry...

 So then, you cut on the dotted line all the shapes, I prepared for 2 blocks:

Then you just hand piece the pieces together. I used Aurifil thread to piece them

Sew the diamonds four together. Then sew the two halves together. Then add the outside, one piece after the other so you don't need to start and stop all the time...

And here is the first block! Oh I love it!! It is so easy with the stamps! I can see myself making many of these! They are going to finish 3 3/8" square, so cute!
And what I like about them is that they are a very portable project!
I need to try the 3/4" size now... I am so excited!


  1. What is the purpose of washing the fabric after you stamp it?

  2. Karen, you wash the stamps, not the fabric sorry for the confusion...