Thursday, March 25, 2010

I just wanted to add that I love that Flying geese quilt, here is a close up of the quilting I did. I really love the fabrics she used! I need to make one for me!
It is heavily raining right now so I am going to stay inside and sew!

Hi, I was just reading on Bonnie Hunter's blog that she likes her post office, I do not like mine! They are messing up things with a package I sent a week ago. The zip code is read by a machine and apparently it can't read my writing! I wrote 59 and it is reading 50 so it sends the package there then seing that it is not supposed to be here, another machine scans my zip and reads it sends the package somewhere else and then again realizing that it is not right, it again reads 50 so it is still in transit... I filled a complain but I was told that I have to wait for a manual intervention and reading of it... It makes me crazy!
On a positive note, as Easter is coming, I finished my Easter swap quilt which is now in the mail, and hopefully the machine will read correctly the zip code this time!
And I finished quilting a few other quilts...
I am now busy finishing sewing some swap blocks...
Yesterday I went to the farm, they will reopen the picking soon, I bought some nice flowers! I am in Spring now!
Have a great day!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What a wonderful surprise I found in my mail box yesterday! Dixie and Ady amazing applique blocks! Plus some wonderful post cards and a case which will hold my cell phone perfectly! Thank you so much my dear friends! I will treasure them!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wonderful news! I received my March/April Quiltmania's issue and guess who is in it? Rebecca Haarer, from the Antiques store in Shipshewana! An article of 6 pages and they say more is coming in the next issue! Congratulations Rebecca!!! I love to go in your store to chat and to be able to take pictures and touch all the quilts you have! They are all amazing! And you are a very sweet lady! Thank you so much ! If by any chance, you visit Shipshewana, don't miss her store and say hi for me!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And since last time, I finished quilting those wonderful quilts:

Hi, here are some pictures from the fair we went to the other day. We saw all kind of interesting farm animals, nice cows, pigglets...I brought back some delicious cheese, honey, some apples and some really dark brown sugar hard to find here in grocery store. The nice bird visited our back yard the other day...