Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hi, here is another friend's quilt I just finished:

And today I finished my turn on a Round Robin which is going back to Australia! I can't post a picture before it arrives or it won't be a surprise for her any more but I will later...
It is a warm day today in Paris, nice.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Here is the magazine Wendy from Australia sent me:
She also has a website:
And I have a finish for today!

Aren't they cute? This is my 6th block! Way to go!
Until later, Val

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hi, I was so happy the other day when I received back my RR! It is gorgeous thanks to ladies who worked on it : Marj in Australia, my friend Sheri and Wendy in Australia! Thank you so much!
And Wendy sent me an Australian magazine which I never saw, she has one of her quilts in it! Congrats Wendy!
I have to finish my round on Marj's RR... I am half way done and I am sure she is anxious to get it so I'd better hurry!

School has finally started here! Yeah! More free time!

Lately I quilted this one:
I love it but unfortunately it is not mine....
I now have a blue and white Irish Chain on my frame, hope to finish it soon!

Some things are changing in my life and I am feeling much better!
I received a book on quilts from The Winterthur Collection, what a great book! So many wonderful quits! And interesting historic info on fabrics...
Talk to you soon...