Friday, August 4, 2017

What an amazing day we had! It was our Jane meeting and Sharron visited us! We were very lucky that she came to share her amazing Jane quilts with us!!! We could touch them!
She has made 5 quilts, they have all been quilted by Karen McTavish, an amazing long arm quilter who I love! I took classes with Karen long time ago, I am sure she doesn't remember me but I do remember them very well and enjoyed every minute of her classes! She is wonderful! Being able to touch her quilting was very special!

Sharron made an Asian Jane, an African themed Jane( she went on a trip to Tanzania and collected fabrics from there) , a "Crayola" Jane, a purple Jane and a black and red Jane! They are all made by machine, even the applique! Her workmanship is amazing! The stitches are invisible! She used Invisifil by Wonderfil a lot!

Here are pictures so you can enjoy and maybe get inspiration to work on your own Jane quilt!!!

Thank you so much  Sharron for surprising us with your beautiful amazing, gorgeous....quilts!!!


  1. thank you so much for posting all this wonderful pictures. Love to see the wonderful use of 3 or more fabrics in one block and the great quilting from Karen.
    My compliments to Sharon
    greetings from Norway

  2. Absolutely gorgeous quilts! Hugs,

  3. Amazing quilts! Thanks for all the pictures.

  4. She is an over the top Jane enthusiast. So interesting to see so many versions made by the same quilter.