Wednesday, March 22, 2017

On Saturday, we had the Timeworn Treasures club. This is a club where we reproduce quilts from the past. It meets one Saturday a month for six months. This month we looked at a wooden press that was used to print a design on fabric during the time of the quilt we were reproducing.

Isn't that cool? It was so fun to be around a piece of history like this! It's also fun to think of how technology has changed since then. 

We also had some show and tell on Saturday. Here are the pictures! I hope you find something to inspire you!
A customer's Friendship quilt top

A customer's great-grandmother's fan quilt 

A whole cloth quilt that Val just quilted. It's made out of sateen!

A Row by Row mini quilt from summer 2016. Isn't the raccoon cute?

A quilt done at a guild workshop.

Another quilt from the same workshop.
A table runner.

A table topper. 

The first wool mat that a customer made.

A customer's St. Patrick's Day mini quilt.

Another St. Patrick's Day mini quilt.

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