Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I know I should post more often, I am sorry. Yesterday I went to guild meeting. I was really very happy as I took with me 7 of my customers and 3 joined the guild! Yeah!
The guest speaker was Norma Whaley from Timeless Traditions, she is such a sweet heart! I was amazed to see how many quilts she brought with her! Sorry if the quality of the pictures is not the best, I was sitting in the back and had forgotten my camera so these were taken with my phone...
Her friend Julie Kursave was with her, she is the one who runs sew along with Norma's patterns on Facebook,  it was fun to meet her again too! I think she said she has 10 groups on Facebook, busy lady!!! It has been a really good night plus being with friends has no price! I had a wonderful time!

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