Sunday, April 28, 2013

 I quilted these two with the same design, they both have soft minkee backings, so warm. I had to hurry to take the picture of the backing as my cats love that side too!

See!!! Silly boy!

I hope you had a great week end!


  1. the rainbow quilt is made with batik handkerchieves I did find in Chinatown of Bangkok
    it was fun to make Maddy's quilt with them as Juliette asked me to make a rainbow quilt for her friend in Fresno

  2. the pink heart quilt is made specially for Alyssa who is the proud owner of a pink jeep with zebra minky covered seats ...Juliette will now write some memories in the white strips for her host sister to remember this year

  3. Too funny. My dog loves to cuddle with a quilt or blanket too.