Monday, February 4, 2013

We had a fun Saturday at the store! It was the Dear Jane club meeting! This one meeting is very special to me as the 1st time I came to the US without my family was to join the Dear Jane retreat in Shipshewana, IN in 2006! I was in good hands as I traveled with a very good friend of mine, Caroline from Belgium!
And the next year I moved to the US, landing in the same airport but this time with my whole family and we lived there for 2  1/2 years and I loved it!
My own Dear Jane is still in progress, very slow progress at the moment I have to say but not forgotten, I love it!
The 1st picture is one of the ladies' triangles, very well done and lovely.
The 2nd picture is a baby quilt Valerie made for her grand child, who is expected to be born very soon! Feb 11th if I remember well.


  1. you got a very nice post at sew unique creation yesterday.I'm very proud of you!

  2. super cute owl baby quilt.
    The DJ triangles look great.

  3. the 2006 Shipshewana trip was really special to me too ...I had the pleasure of travelling with you and introducing you to the caravan group of Shisphe! You did listen a lot ...not very talkative back then ...and big surprise , the last day on our way home ,while having lunch for the last meal before we all would depart towards different destinations , you stated talking ;;;and talking ;..I do remember babs smile on her face listening to you!
    love you dear friend