Thursday, December 13, 2012

I am very excited to share great news with you: I am now the new owner of The Quilt Merchant, a quilt store in Winfield, IL!!! Docia wanted to retire so I took that as an opportunity to go back to the US and do what I love! Quilting and everything around quilts!
You can visit the website:
or visit the store.
I am not there yet as I have to pack here. But Docia and Beth are running the store; I thank them a lot for that!
I am moving my long arm and will be offering long arm quilting also. And for those of you in Europe,  my oldest daughter is staying in France to finish her school year but is going to visit me so will be able to take any quilts from France to the US and vice versa!

And please if you have any suggestions about things I should do, I should carry or...whatever, just shoot me an email, my email address is still going to be the same!!! Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you and have a great day!


  1. Wow - to so exciting! Wish you good luck and all the best: o)

  2. We welcome you to The Quilt Merchant and back to the USA! Though we will miss Docia and family, I'm excited to see the new things you will be bringing to the store! Safe travels and happy packing!

  3. congratulation Valerie and best wishes for a smothly move and good success with your new business!
    we'll miss you here in Europe

  4. What a great news for you : that is sure.
    I wish you the best for your new life in the US.

    Très bon déménagement :))

  5. What a big step moving from Paris to USA and then setting up shop! you are conquering a brave frontier!
    I have signed up for your newsletter and now wishing you the best of the best with this new challenge.

  6. congrats! it will be quite an adventure for you!
    keep us posted!

  7. What great news! I had a feeling that your heart was in the States! How wonderful to be taking over where Docia is leaving off. I wish you every success and a lot of joy in your new venture. Sue from Normandy(we met in Nantes 2011)

  8. Congrats and every success on your new adventure! Ady