Friday, October 1, 2010

For the first time, I quilted a Dear Jane! Wow, I was a bit scared but I did it and I love it!

The top has been entirely and beautifully hand pieced. She did a wonderful job! I took a picture of the top laying on the floor and then another one, same place but after it has been quilted to show that when a quilt top is nicely hand (or machine) pieced, the machine quilting does not distort in any way the quilt. If a top lays nice, flat and square on the floor, the quilt will be nice, flat and square! I have been asked that question, so I thought it would be better to give an example... And this one is not an easy piecing! Now it's a gorgeous quilt I think! I am excited to work on mine now, I am still on the piecing stage... Better keep sewing! It is really worth the result! Have a great week end!


  1. WOW! Gorgeous quilt, and gorgeous quilting!

  2. Both Fernande ' sewing) as valerie did an outstanding job! Can you believe it is Fernande's 1st quilt!!!!!
    And Valerie 1st DJ quilting ...they were meant to work together!

  3. Beautiful quilt! Thanks so much for sharing the close up so we could enjoy your quilting also.
    Best Wishes & Happy Quilting,

  4. what a monster quilt. It had to take ages to get it done! Great job!

  5. Val, you did a beautiful job. Shall I send my Dear Jane to you when I get it finished?

  6. WOW, Valerie, this is such a GREAT job ! Congratulations , I'm in awe. (congrats. also to the quilt maker ;>)