Thursday, May 20, 2010

We have a new addition to our family! A new kitty! She is very cute! Each of my kids had a name for her but they finally ended up agreeing on Phoebe... again... I told them they have a few days to think about it and then will have to decide before we take her to the vet...
I also finished quilting this one, I am quite happy with it! It is a gorgeous day here today, it is so nice to see the sun finally!


  1. What a lovely little kitten!! She sure is cute!
    And what a beautiful quilt you made! The quilting is so gorgious!!
    You can be proud of yourself!

  2. Phoebe is gorgeous!
    Beautiful quilt! Well done with the quilting!!

    Enjoy the sunshine. :)

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  4. Horrible misspelling,so I write a new post: Adorable kitty, and a beautiful quilt with gorgeous quilting!
    Best wishes from Berit in Norway

  5. Bien mignon ce Kitty et je pense qu'il va bien t'aider à quilter !!!!!
    Dany F

  6. superbe quilting Valerie ....est ce le quilt d'une cliente de cosy Cottage ?
    gros bisous