Monday, October 12, 2009

Here is a small table runner I did as a gift from the book "Let's do lunch". I used French fabrics, maybe I should have done some cross hatching to avoid the wrinkles but...I love my quilted pineapples... I added a picture of my little helper, I don't if it is because the weather is getting colder but he loves to stay very very close to me those last days...


  1. Dear Val, thanks for visiting my blog (Patchwork on Parade). I wasn't sure how else to contact you - hence this comment. The wadding I used in the quilt with McTavishing was Nuwool by Minijumbuck. It's a 60/40 wool/poly blend. I love the loft it gives. If you don't mind I'd like your email address. Kind regards, Sharon PS You can get my email from my website

  2. The table runner is just lovely!