Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hi, I was so happy the other day when I received back my RR! It is gorgeous thanks to ladies who worked on it : Marj in Australia, my friend Sheri and Wendy in Australia! Thank you so much!
And Wendy sent me an Australian magazine which I never saw, she has one of her quilts in it! Congrats Wendy!
I have to finish my round on Marj's RR... I am half way done and I am sure she is anxious to get it so I'd better hurry!

School has finally started here! Yeah! More free time!

Lately I quilted this one:
I love it but unfortunately it is not mine....
I now have a blue and white Irish Chain on my frame, hope to finish it soon!

Some things are changing in my life and I am feeling much better!
I received a book on quilts from The Winterthur Collection, what a great book! So many wonderful quits! And interesting historic info on fabrics...
Talk to you soon...


  1. Your round robin quilt turned out very well. How many people worked on it?

  2. I did the center and then 3 other people worked on it! I really love it!
    Thanks! Val

  3. Love the little birds in the final round. Your RR is just so lovely